New Rule Adjustments to All Lucky Cola Agents!

Attention to All Lucky Cola Agents!


We’re pleased to announce that after implementing strict filtering measures, the issue of malicious arbitrage has significantly improved.

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New Rule Adjustments

We are introducing more flexible requirements to qualify as an active agent:

  • ONLY 3 active players are required per week.
  • To meet the active conditions, players must:
    • Deposit over 100.
    • Bet over 200.

Zero Tolerance for Arbitrage

Effective immediately, any detected arbitrage behavior will result in the revocation of agent qualifications. This includes:

  • Account suspension: Accounts involved in arbitrage will be suspended, and no further services will be provided.

A Call for Integrity

We urge all agents to avoid taking risks and to respect both yourselves and the website. Lucky Cola Casino reserves the right to interpret and enforce these rules to ensure a fair and trustworthy gaming environment.

Thank you for your continued support and trust. Let’s work together to maintain the integrity of our platform and enjoy a fair gaming experience for all.

❤️ The Lucky Cola Casino Team

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