Attention to All Lucky Cola Agents!

Important Updates on Rule Changes to Combat Arbitrage

Dear Lucky Cola Agents,

We’ve identified a troubling trend recently: some individuals are exploiting loopholes in our system, which undermines the efforts of our dedicated agents. These opportunists, known as arbitrageurs, are increasingly prevalent. To ensure a fair environment for all, we are implementing new rules starting this week.

Table of Contents

New Rule Changes

  1. Active Players Requirement: Each agent must have at least 6 active players weekly.
  2. Active Player Criteria:
    • Players must recharge more than 100.
    • Players must bet more than 200.

Note: If you’re a legitimate agent, these changes will not affect your operations.

Zero Tolerance for Arbitrage

We want to make it clear: arbitrage will not be tolerated. If we catch anyone attempting to exploit our system, we will immediately freeze and block their account.

Types of Arbitrage Under Surveillance

We are particularly vigilant against the following types of arbitrage:

  1. Personal Arbitrage: This occurs when someone uses the same IP address and withdrawal number to unfairly exploit our weekly commission system, known as the negative commission back to zero loophole.
  2. AB Bet Arbitrage: This refers to risk-free betting strategies that manipulate our system.

Our Commitment

We are committed to maintaining a fair and trustworthy platform for all our agents and players. By implementing these changes, we aim to prevent unfair practices and support our genuine agents in their efforts.

Let’s work together to keep Lucky Cola Casino a reliable and fair platform for everyone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards,
The Lucky Cola Casino Team

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